Carneddau Mountains, Wales

Asked if I wanted to join two friends walking in Carnedd mountains of Snowdonia "only if I can bring my camera" was my response. I knew the walking would be pretty tough and conditions unfavourable (Hurricane Ophelia was just beginning to arrive) , so I elected to take along only a Canon 5D mk4 with 24-70mm lens.

Carneddau Mountains, Wales

At times it felt like we were walking through a set of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones and a long lost castle would appear out of the dark heavy clouds. Other moments like walking in a desolate alien landscape devoid of life.

Untitled photo

I did shoot a few other images from my iPhone 6 when it wasn't practical to get the 5D out, but mostly the iPhone was used for video. Whilst the wind was incredibly strong and rain horizontal at times, the old adage of the best camera is the one you have with you - in this case, very happy to have lugged the 5D up those slopes.

Last word:

It wasn't without its painful moments...

Carneddau Mountains, Wales
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