Dior Christmas Branding

Selection of photography and video commissioned by Dior to highlight coverage of their Christmas coverage across some of the main retail centres of the UK such as Harrods, Selfridges, Bullring Shopping Centre, Trafford Centre and London Westfield.

The Covid-19 pandemic had forced many retail operations to close and led to brands debating how much resources they should put towards Christmas marketing.  

Photography and video was captured from numerous locations in London, Birmingham, Manchester and other main shopping centres.

There are many limitations for this sort of work. For instance the majority of stores will only allow photography and video when the store is closed and add to this the store lighting only illuminates shortly before opening time in many retail outlets.

The sites also need to be cleaned and merchandised correctly each morning - something that is hard with the amount of Christmas footfall most of them experienced each day.  All this and I've not even mentioned the trials of applying for security clearance and access. 

The brand continuity across all retail outlets looked amazing and stores like Harrods and Selfridges went that extra mile. 

Harrods Dior Window

Dior Xmas branding 2020

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